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    TS3 server will not autostart in Windows 8/8.1 with UAC on

    Don't get me wrong. I despise the UAC with an undying passion. Though disabling it allows the server to autostart on boot, that also prevents me from running any of the metro/modern apps, because they're not permitted to run as Admin.

    I've told TS to run as admin via the shortcut in my Startup folder to no avail. I've also tried making it a service, once again to no avail.

    If nobody else is having this issue, it might be due to carrying it over in an OS upgrade from Windows 7. However, I'm paranoid about re-installing because I don't want to lose any of the server data. Any suggestions? (And please, don't send the work-around involving taking ownership of C:\ and/or Windows. Did that before under W7 as an experiment and vowed to never again venture down that path after everything broke.)

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    Move the server out of "C:\Program Files" and uac is no problem anymore.
    This is no Teamspeak related problem.
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