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    App says I don't have high enough security level

    I have to my knowledge successfully imported the .ini file onto my galaxy s4. The app was able to identify it and import it (at least the identity shows up in the app). The problem is, the server i use have a security level of 25 (or at least it says I need a security level that is equal or greater) and that's the entire reason i imported an id in the first place. The identity has been used on the server before and has a security level of 28. Problem is when I try to connect to the server it says i have insufficient security. If anyone can let me know how I could fix this it would be great. (I created another identity that has a security level of 26 that is still causing same message)

    Increased my security level to 31 and am still getting the error that its not high enough. FYI I have been able to connect with this same id on my computer without any problems.


    Make sure you have the correct identity selected under the bookmark.
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