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    Lightbulb [Suggestions] TSDNS Improve ncie idea redirection with ID channel.

    Hello !

    I would like let you know about good idea releation with TSDNS.

    1. example:
    1.1 Main domain commercial teamspeak 3 with 1024 slots and in tsdns_settings.ini redirect everyone to default channel. ( Now what tsdns can do )
    1.2 will be a subdomain from and will be redirect to specify channel with example ID: 2 ( This is what i want )

    I would from Developers of Teamspeak 3 improve TSDNS. When you type domain or subdomain or IPv4 in tsdns_settings.ini that will redirect people to the channel what you selected in settings info file. Would be great if people will redirect example: to chanel with ID: 10 at IP:

    Best Regards
    Mateusz Gladosz

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