hi com,

i am searching for an application based possibility to disable automatic updates - could anybody please tell me where or how i can do this?

backgroud: we are using teamspeak exclusively inside an intranet as a software-based intercom+soundsystem in a multi-room, multi-computer (and of course multi-user ;o) environment. the teamspeak system is hidden to the user as well as possible, so that they only have to push a wall-mounted pushbutton in order to speak freely into the room (works via a connected usb mouse-pcb and "presses" the button nr. 4 or 5 for push-to-talk). in this scenario it is unprofessional to let the user do the update, because nobody has a clue what teamspeak is and what the update is for. in addition: the users do not want to (and are not asked to do) update something but rather use it. updating the application is the job of the admin.

i have tried to solve the case by making an entry to the windows firewall (winXP) which isolates the application file to the LAN, but this seems not to work. deleting the gateway information at every computer might work but disables also browsing the internet...

if there is no application based possibility to disable the automatism and also no intention to do this, any information how to get rid of the update dialogue would be appreciated.

many thanks in advance!