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    Post [Release] Largest TeamSpeak Icon Pack EVER made

    The past few months I've been working on and updating what is currently the largest TeamSpeak custom icon pack ever released.

    You can find it HERE

    The icon pack includes well over 450 icons and I add a minimum of 20 icons every few weeks, so there is always something new to check out. I also keep the pack updated with the latest League of Legend champions as soon as information on them are released.

    Icons include:

    • Fun, 126 Total (ex. Artist, Hello Kitty, Female, Marijuana, Sushi, & Doctor Who)
    • Games, 87 Total (ex. Hearthstone, DayZ, DotA, League of Legends, etc)
    • League of Legend Champions, 114 Total (Yasuo & Jinx included)
    • League of Legend Ranks & Roles, 11 Total
    • League of Legend Pro Teams, 11 Total (CLG, Cloud 9, SKT1, Gambit, etc)
    • Starcraft 2, 10 Total (All Ranks & Races)
    • Military Service, 4 Total (Air Force, Army, Marine Core, & Navy)
    • Pro Teams, 12 Total (CLG, Cloud 9, Dignitas, Fnatic, SKT1, etc)
    • Websites, 9 Total
    • Trophies, 25 Total
    • Pokemon Gym Badges!, 36 Total (All Leagues)
    • Season/Holiday Icons, 22 Total

    Hope you all enjoy. If you have any requests or recommendations on adding categories or icons you may contact me on Twitter @Razer_Molly.

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    Does anyone have a link to this as the addon section has been down for days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hexalyte View Post
    Does anyone have a link to this as the addon section has been down for days.

    Here ya go!

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    wont let me download

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    Hi can anyone link me this icon pack please? The url what you linked isn't working. Thanks a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    Thank you!

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