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    Few questions about my Teamspeak 3 server!

    I needed to change servers from linux to windows (Don't ask why please, its a very complicated post).

    I've copied my virtual server/teamspeak3 server files. Now, when I go run the Teamspeak 3 server, it starts up.

    It starts up as a new Teamspeak 3 Server, ignoring the virtualserver_1 folder with all my saved channels in there.
    I had a NPL before, but I need to renew it this monday.

    I was also using MySQL. Already used a dump file I made on the mySQL on the Windows box (using phpmyadmin).

    Is there anyway to retain my channels/presets/servergroups from Linux to Windows? Please help!


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    [...]ignoring the virtualserver_1 folder with all my saved channels in there.
    Channels are not saved in the virtualserver_X folder, but in the database (by default ts3server.sqlitedb). Please make sure your database has been transfered correctly and your server has full access to it.
    Also take a look at

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