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    New server version availible notification

    Hello everybody,

    1. Question

    Is there a way to get rid off that notification ?

    2. Suggestions

    If not then I would suggest that it would be either one of the following:
    1. Possible
    2. Displays only once
    3. Displays only to Server Admins
    4. Displays to a server groups with a special boolean flag on them (example : b_serverinstance_notify_updates)

    3. Reasons

    If you want to hear some of my reasons here we go :
    1. Popups are very intrusive and ergonomics tells us that they should be reserved for critical informations and stay oriented client-side (i.e. : does the fact that the server is out-of-date will prevent me from using basic stuff [talking-chatting] ?)
    2. In production enviroments it is not always possible to update immediately for any number of reasons (deployment time, security ....). So the message is still there even if it has been acknoledged by administrators.
    3. Updates are not always desireable. Updates can change stability, compatiblity with all the software/hardware around. They can even become more undesireable when features are removed (backward compatibility for instance)

    Thanks to everybody considering reading.

    Best regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citillara View Post
    Is there a way to get rid off that notification ?
    This pop-up started few days ago... and, in my case, the only solution was update the server: it was running 3.0.10 and i have to update it to

    I think that pop-up to all the users of a server every time they connect to it because there is an x.1 update is a little bit exaggerated.

    I also think it is important to have the server up to date but it is not the way to "spam" to all the users with a pop-up.

    Suggestion 3 and 4 could be a good solution: the admins have to know is convenient update the server... the rest of the user better not to be notified. It is risky.

    An anecdote: One of my users told me: "I've connected and a warning appeared saying that a new server version available in then I clicked on the link and I've installed the server in my computer but the message continues appearing every time I connect" --> After that... I updated immediately.

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    Can i find instructions on how to update the server?

    If i want to open the RAR file it asks if i want to overwrite the old version but i don't know for sure if that will be deleting active configuration.

    Somone who can help me with this?
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    What about using the search feature from our forum?

    Go into your server folder > doc > and then open server_upgrade.txt

    (2) How do I upgrade the TeamSpeak 3 Server?
    Actually, updating a server is very easy. Just download the latest TeamSpeak 3 Server release from
    our downloads page and overwrite all existing files in your servers installation folder with the 
    new versions from the download package.
    Example for Windows 32-Bit:
     a) Navigate your webbrowser to
     b) Unzip the download package "teamspeak3-server_win32-<VERSION>.zip" to a directory of your
     c) Shutdown your running TeamSpeak 3 Server instance
     d) Select and copy all files from the newly generated directory "teamspeak3-server_win32" into
        your existing server installation directory
     e) Start your TeamSpeak 3 Server instance
     f) Use the TeamSpeak 3 Client to connect to a virtual server running in your TeamSpeak 3 Server 
        instance and click the server name to verify that your server has been updated successfully
    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citillara View Post

    1. Question

    Is there a way to get rid off that notification ?
    This thread is the answer:

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