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    Subscribe power?


    I am wondering, what is subscribe power? Could someone explain what it is. I have searched the forums and i saw bits and pieces but not the whole thing.
    So far, what i understand is subscribe power how you can see people inside a channel?
    If this is true, how do i do so all users can see everyone in every channel exept some defined ones?


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    Yes you are right, when you subscribe to a channel you can see the people who are inside.
    There are three permissions responsible for this:
    - i_channel_subscribe_power (set in group- or client-permissions)
    - i_channel_needed_subscribe_power (set in channel permissions)
    - i_client_max_channel_subscriptions (set in group- or client-permissions)

    if the first one is equal oder higher than the second one, you can subscribe to the channel.

    So, set i_client_max_channel_subscriptions to -1 for a group, that there is no limit of how many channels one can subscribe.
    By default the first two permissions aren't set, so simply give the channel you want to restrict the needed power, and a certain group which has equal or higher subscribe power.

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    You would need to set a Needed Channel Subscribe Power to the channels you do not want people to be able to look into and make sure b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions is not enabled for those you do not want to be able to see who is inside those channels.
    Only people with a Channel Subscribe Power higher than or equal to the Needed Channel Subscribe Power will be able to see who is inside.
    Please note: Every client will always be able to see who is in its own channel, no matter how high the Needed Channel Subscribe Power is. Also, i_client_max_channel_subscriptions can limit the number of channels you are allowed to subscribe to.

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