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    Question recognizing poke

    Are there any way to recognize the poke by others?

    because yesterday I poke 'A' and 'B' know that I poke to A.
    (but I don't know that B know about all of my sentence or just know that I poke A )

    And If yes are there any way to avoid? and I have to send the private msg only?


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    Hmm, well are you confident that the person haven't just heard notification sound and used math 1+1 on server with 3people on it or a wild guess?
    Some people suspect automaticaly...
    Perhaps the person that received it, has compromised pc and B could see the screen.
    Perhaps the Voice Activation(or PPT) if A is using it, captured A reading the poke out loud.
    I don't see why would be pokes going to other users than the one that should receive it.

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