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    Solved "i_icon_id" or "permvalue" value issue

    I've uploaded my custom icon onto teamspeak 3 server and it generated a 10 characters long id for it (4194963450).
    Now when I try to change my i_icon_id through server query with this command:
    clientaddperm cldbid=113244 permid=142 permvalue=4194963450 permskip=0
    I get the "error id=1540 msg=convert\serror" error.
    But when I make the icon id 9 characters long then it executes perfectly.

    So the issue is that the "permvalue" or "i_icon_id" max length is equal to 9, when my icon id max length = 10.

    Could you guys please fix it?

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    That is to keep people calculating.

    Or said otherwise... the name generating sub routine generates 32bit unsigned interger as IDs for the name of a icon in the file system. The permission system uses 32 bit signed integer... So "4194963450" could not be expresed in 32 bit signed integer because it's max value is something like 2147483647. All you need to do is calculate a 32 bit unsigned to 32 bit signed conversion.

    Which of course is to be considered trivial. Just do a signed value = unsigned value - 2^(bit count) ... In your case signed value=4194963450-4294967296

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    Thank you. Problem Solved!

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    Please note that editing servers and channels requires an unsigned icon ID (but reading them returns a signed one). Logic.

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