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    February 2012
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    I've done this the the third time now:

    It appears you did not provide a valid TeamSpeak Account ID number. This department is for licensed, Commercial Entities (businesses) ONLY which have purchased one of the following license types:
    a) Authorized TeamSpeak Host Provider (ATHP) License
    b) Annual Activation License for TeamSpeak 3
    c) Single Server Use License for TeamSpeak 2

    Free technical support is only available through the official TeamSpeak forums which you can find at You can also visit our FAQ at for answers to common questions.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards

    TeamSpeak Technical Support
    I do not have a TeamSpeak Account ID, because I haven't purchased anything. I just want, that you update my addon on your page.

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    October 2012
    Use ID 1000. Ref

    I've successfully got a fast response to the ticket.
    The update itself however didn't happen in the last three months.

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    April 2015

    theme not showing in the downloads list

    hi there does anyone know how to get there theme showing in the downloads list for the themes
    thanks in advance ..
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