I have TS3 installed on my Debian Linux machine at my house. It is behind a Netgear router. When clients connect to my TS3 server, when I look at connection information they get the IP address of I cannot figure out how to resolve this or what I might have done to cause this to happen as my server WAS getting the proper IP addresses of connecting clients.

On my linux machine, my resolv.conf contains the following:

search pn.at.cox.net
domain stelth2000inc.net
Changing this causes issues with my IRCd server I run on the same machine as the router sets internal hostnames (example: => S2ITech.stelth2000inc.com, => dplaptop.stelth2000inc.com, etc.) and nothing I've attempted on my Netgear router (running DD-WRT) seems to make any difference.

Any idea as to what is going on?