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    [Suggestion] TS3 for Android

    Have some suggestion's
    1. Can you add (fix) autoconnect to channel ???. Coz no (or not working) auto-join channel
    2. Plz make option to Enable/disable Voice Activation, coz voice activaiton works when i using push to talk - and i always got multi ecchos
    3.Plz add option to Work on Wi-fi only turn on/off
    4.Add Cancel and exit (from menu) to push-to-talk button setup

    P.S. if only listen TS - its work great

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    Hi ,

    1. What is the channel you are trying to join?. I can not reproduce this.
    I made "Ricos Home" as my default channel.
    <15:54:47> "dante Android" connected to channel "Ricos Home"

    2. There is no Voice Activation, while Push-to-Talk is actiavted. It's instant activated, when you press the key.
    You can change that VAD/PTT setting here:
    Name:  Android Client.jpg
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    3. Just do not start the client while wireless lan is not activated on your device.
    We do not change that.

    4. I am not sure here about your report:
    The Back button and Menu button can be used as a hotkey.
    We do not change the behavior.

    To close the dialog use one of these steps:
    - Please use the save button, to leave the menu.
    - Please press Clear and then Save to leave the menu without a hotkey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caxap View Post
    Have some suggestion's
    1. Can you add (fix) autoconnect to channel ???. Coz no (or not working) auto-join channel
    If it was the case: You indicate the channel name in the bookmark but at the end you appear in the default channel...
    If you know the "Channel ID" then just indicate it after /
    For example, if the channel ID was 999 then indicate /999

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