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    Question I can not hear or talk on my server

    Well for some reason when I join a gaming team speak which is held in the United Kingdom after he updated it to 3.10.0
    I couldn't hear anyone talking on the team speak at all I updated mine to that version too, its only happening to this team speak everyone has no problem except for me I am living in the United Arab Emirates and I have got allot of packet loss on the team speak for some reason but 130 latency on his team speak, but when I join any other team speaks I could hear clearly I am always on a German team speak which has no issues only the gaming team speak is not working fine for me so please if you have any suggestions that might help comment.
    Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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    TeamSpeak is based on the UDP protocol. UDP requires an extremely stable connection to work. As soon as anything is not perfect, UDP gets packetloss.

    There is basically not much you can do. You can try a program named Hotspot Shield, which is a proxy. Maybe its routing works better for you, but it can negatively affect your gaming ping, as it affects every program on your computer.
    If that doesn't work, you have to use another server or a software based on the TCP protocol.

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