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    [Lua] Run other plugins command with lua

    Hello Community!
    On my project's teamspeak server i'm running 4 music bots with the soundboard plugin (/soundboard stream http://domain.tld/stream) over a root server.
    Sometimes the streams are stopping.
    I wrote in lua this script (when the client stops talking, it sends a message)
    PHP Code:
    local function onTalkStatusChangeEvent(serverConnectionHandlerIDstatusisReceivedWhisperclientID)
    status == 0 then
    .requestSendPrivateTextMsg(serverConnectionHandlerID"/soundboard stream url"clientID)
    It sends /soundboard stream url in raw output to the chat:
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    Is it possible threw lua to execute another plugin's command?

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    I found this:
    PHP Code:
    local function onTextMessageEvent(serverConnectionHandlerIDtargetModetoIDfromIDfromNamefromUniqueIdentifiermessageffIgnored)
    ts3.sendPluginCommand(serverConnectionHandlerID"soundboard stream http://domain.tld/stream.mp3"targetModetargetIDsArray)

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    Is possible send a plugin command from php api?

    I found this command sendPluginCmd but I dont have any doc how it work.

    someone can help me?
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