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    TS3 problem and game loading

    Input Completely bugged after launching Ghost, MW3, BO2 or Loading a map

    Launching Teamspeak.. microphone works fine
    Launching on of above games.... sometimes it still works, sometimes its already bugged
    if not i load a map. most of the time my teamspeak input is done by then, but sometimes i'm actually able to play a few maps before it happens.

    When its bugged, i close the game and look at my teamspeak. At that point i can still hear everyone fine, like always. But my input is not working at all. When i press my push to talk button, my name doesn't light up. When i use voice activation, same problem. Continuous transmission aswell.

    I configured windows / teamspeak so that the only audio device for input is the headset. The drivers are updated. Teamspeak is not running any plugins. The game config is not touching any microphone settings.

    Teamspeak version (64)
    Clean Windows 7 64bit with all latest updates / drivers.
    Logitech G35 USB headset.
    Logitech G15
    Motherboard Asus Striker extreme 2 with soundmax HD audio

    Plugins did not turn out to make any difference.
    No crashdump available

    I tried:
    different USB ports....No result problem stays.
    set config_cfg file to read only.... No result
    change capture mode/device and playback mode/device in TS in all possible ways..... No result
    change priority in taskmanager..... no result

    I suspect the USB of the headset. Maybe when i try a different headset with 3,5 mm jacks. But before I try that I need to be sure before I spen mony.
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