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    TS "Not Responding" after connecting

    I can open TS and everything works, I try to connect to a server and the screen shows that it can't connect but in my headset it says connected. I can be moved to other rooms in the server and speak/hear everyone there but nothing comes up on the TS window. Every time I click on the window it goes "Not Responding" and I have to be booted to get out of TS. It also gives a NR to any game or program running as well.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled, have up to date version. Please help

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    You can download and run a local server on your computer and connect to it (IP: localhost). If the problems persist, it's definitely your computer.
    Anyway, I guess your sound driver is broken. Please uninstall it and download and install a new version from the website of your computer/mainboard/soundcard manufacturer.

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