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    Kicked friend and it perma banned him?

    Hey guys, last night i kicked my mate so we could test something, he tried to log back in and it says he is perma banned? i didn't ban him and i checked the ban list for his IP and UID and both are not on it, so how do we go about fixing this because he can no longer log in due to some bug.

    Anybody got any ideas, he has tried a lot of things, reinstalling, creating a new user, restarting his modem, none of it has worked.

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    Sounds weird, my first thought was, he is pulling your leg.

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    Nah legit problem xD, he logged into the teamspeak server on website and his IP was on ban list, he deleted it but he is still perma banned, he checked for his UID but there hasn't been any UID ban added in over a week which means his UID isn't on there but he still is banned, running out of options, he has sent the owners an email asking if they can fix it, who knows how long it will be before they reply.

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    I have never come across this issue in my experiences.

    Depending on how the server is set up you may have to restart the server to apply the Ban lift.

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    We fixed it, we just ended up deleting everyone on the ban list and he was able to log in, weird thing is his UID and IP were not on it, we checked multiple times. Kinda weird that the server decides to just perma ban him when i kick him haha.

    Anyway this thread can be closed now

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