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    Banning someone who is changing their IP & Identies

    is there any way to permanently ban some-one who is cyber harassing a TeamSpeak? I have ban this person by IP, Unique ID, and through Yatqa.

    he somehow renews for a new IP and then creates a new Identity to log in.

    ANY help with this will be greatly appreciated, I would like to NOT have to use a password IF there is a way to finalize a Ban on this persons location.

    *he is in Canada

    **the have also figured out a way to change their location flag; ie Canada to USA etc.
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    There Changing There Ip With a VPN. And You Could Set identy Scurity Level Higher Like 25+ So When The Have To Make a New Id And It Would Take a Wile And not Many People Will Keep Making New Identy Just To Get Banned Over And Over, Having To Wait To Get Back On When The Could Do Troll Somone Else, Or Do Somthing Else.

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    thanks, I did not think of that one!

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    You could also use bots that scan IP's of connecting clients against a blacklist, which usually contain VPN IP addresses / IP Ranges

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    Something else you can do is to add a server group called trusted (or whatever you want), make sure only select users can add users to that group. Set in that group ignore server password on connect permission. Add all of your trusted users to that, can do it while they are online or from the all clients list. If this user returns harassing the others, put a password on the server. All users in the trusted group will join and not even notice the password, but the harasser can't connect without it. After a while, remove the password.

    Or just up the required security level to connect to 30-34. This will slow the connection for normal users the first time they connect, but after that will not be affected anymore. The harasser would have to repeat this delay every time they want to reconnect with a new UID to get around the ban. Most trolls don't want to wait hours to troll and will troll elsewhere. Something else you can do is let your users know in advance to update their security level in their clients ahead of when you increase the server's needed security level so that when you change it they just connect without ever seeing the need to increase security level message.

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    Ban them while they are connected to the server. The chance they will ever come back is very slim indeed thanks to the enhancement to the ban system. If you ban someone while they are still connected to your server and are able to come back then you will have to just secure your server in other ways like password the server, or restrict guests to the entrance with no ability to see/message/poke anyone etc.

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