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    Whisper activates on it's own

    We are around 30+ people on the server playing Planetside 2

    We use a lot of commander channel and other whisper channels linked between the different channels.

    For some reason my Team speak activates this whisper function and sends it to the last person that has whispered.
    This has persisted since i got team speak. It does not happen all the time. just randomly seem to activate now and then. Sometimes like the last 5 days it has activated very often. And it is very annoying as i can't talk to anyone when it's active. Only the person im sending to can hear me. And i can only get rid of it by restarting team speak.
    I got team speak around a year ago. This problem has persisted trough all updates made since then sadly.

    I have tried removing all settings for whisper it still activates.
    I have updated all my drivers.
    I have now re installed TS3 for the 6th time.

    A coming test is that im getting a new keyboard and mouse.
    I use an MX518 Logitech gaming mouse.
    And an Y-BN52 Logitech keyboard.
    Realtek is the software handling most of my sound.
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    AMD Sapphire 6970
    Intel i7 2600k unleashed.
    Gigabyte 6 series motherboard P67A-D3-B3

    I would really appreciate help with this

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    you can assign a hotkey to replying to a whisper. Maybe you did that on accident? Please make sure you do not have such a hotkey assigned at
    Settings, Options, Hotkeys, "Activate Reply to a Whisper".

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