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    b_channel_modify_description on specific channel

    Is it possible to allow everyone or specific server group to change the description of a specific channel without them being allowed to modify anything else?

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    You can make those users "channel admin" (with the channel admin group) of that particular channel. Then they should be able to modify this and only that channel. And of course child-channels of the parent one, because channel admin gets inherited afaik.

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    I want them to only be able to edit description tho.

    Edit: Nevermind,I fixed it. I set channel permission b_channel_modify_description as before but now I realised it works. When someone joins such a channel and edit it, they are presented with an edit dialog which has its description control enabled. What confused me is that when someone joins that channel and tries to edit other channel's descriptions, their controls are also enabled but any changes will result in "insufficient permissions".
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