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    Microphone Quality is Great. Other People hear it in Bad Quality

    I own an MXL Tempo microphone which is a stdio USB microphones which records good quality sound. When I talk into the mic and record it an play it back, it sounds great.

    Here is what it should sound like:

    This is me talking in someone else's video. For some reason there is a major drop in audio quality over TeamSpeak.

    If someone could please help me figure out to get other people to hear the good quality sound that would be great. Thanks.

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    bump -----------------

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    Bumping this, because I am currently having the same problem, also. The only difference is that at one point it was fine, but suddenly my voice quality dropped and is nowhere close to how it sounds through voice preview on the Logitech Gaming Software. I own a Logitech G35.

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    Check your recording settings in teamspeak -> Here is an example of mine, doesnt mean it will work 100% but u can give it a try.
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