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    Yeah, thanks for taking my thread from me. I'll go ahead and make another one because as I pointed out in my original thread that you clearly did not read, this is a FREEBSD install. There is no ts3server.ini file for me to reset serveradmin password.

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    U should create privilege key before wipe/reinstall. The best option is to rent a server by server rental and u will not lose ur server groups cuz on the dashbord u can add any group u want(expect which server rental is that).

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    Server identity lost


    I had to change my hard drive last night due to an error. That's why I lost all the files.
    My server admin rights are gone. How can I restore this?
    I have full access to the database and FTP.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards

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    I have a problem, but not quite sure, how to solve it.
    I'm recovering control over a server formerly managed by a passed member of community.
    I've replaced serveradmin password, but can't login to console.
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=14
    sqlite3 seems to be unable to read the database after upgrade.
    Current server version is 3.2.0.

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    Means someone removed permission b_serverquery_login from Guest query group.
    This disables the ability to login with Query account for everyone.

    The server is messed up. There is no supported way to fix this.
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    Thanks for confirmation, fixed it.

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    Messed with channel groups

    So I just bought a ts3 server, and for the memes i made a server group called inmate with i_channel_join_power on -1. And added a jail channel so i could move people in there for the memes sometimes. So I opoened the server on a new tab and gave myself the inmate role. But no I am not able to add channels, join channels, and do all the admin stuff etc. I cant use my privilege key either. Dont know how I can become server admin. Thanks for the help.
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