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    What to do when you have lost your permissions


    in this thread I will explain which steps need to be taken when you have lost your permissions on your TeamSpeak 3 server. The cause of this could be that your unique ID changed (eg. because of reinstalling TeamSpeak 3 Client) or because you have been removed from your admin group.

    Question 1:
    Do you host your server yourself, meaning you have access to the Admin Server Query group?

    If yes
    Question 2:
    Do you still have the password for the "serveradmin" account? (received upon the first start up of your TeamSpeak 3 server)

    If yes...
    If you do not know how to use Server Query (telnet), please take a look at this thread:
    Please connect to your server with your Client. Having done so, please go to Permissions -> Server groups. Now get the number in parentheses behind the group you need to be in (e.g. Server Admin (6) => 6)
    Using this knowledge, you can create a new token for yourself. Connect to the Query Interface using any telnet client (e.g. putty). The Default query port is 10011. Once connected issue the following commands in order, replacing anything written in ALL_CAPS_LIKE_THIS with the appropriate information.
    login serveradmin PASSWORD
    use port=VOICE_PORT_OF_SERVER_EG_9987
    tokenadd tokentype=0 tokenid1=SERVERGROUP_ID_GAINED_ABOVE tokenid2=0
    The output should be something like
    Now in your client, click on Permissions, Use Privilege Key and enter the key you have just received.

    If no...
    Please take a look at this FAQ article to get your password back:
    After this, please proceed to the "If yes..." part of Question 2.

    If no...
    Question 2:
    Is anybody else on the server able to pass on the admin permissions to you?

    If yes...
    Ask another admin to grant you your old permissions.

    If no...
    In this case you will need to contact your host. Just ask him kindly to create a new privilege key for you.

    Now, having had those issues you might want to ask the question: "How do I protect myself against losing all of my permissions?"
    You will need to protect your permissions in two ways:
    a) Save your identity:
    Click on Settings, Identities, Export and save it to a USB stick or something similar. Importing this file will grant you all of your permissions on a different installation of TeamSpeak 3 (eg. having reinstalled the operating system).

    b) Prevent other admins from taking away your permissions:
    Well, probably the best way to understand how this is done is by watching someone do it. Please take a look at this video:
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