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    Admin account and server permissions (A funny thing happened last night...)

    Last night I installed the latest version of TS 3 windows 64bit server. I created the admin account with the password it chose and used the token to activate it once logged in.

    I got logged in and created a number of chat rooms then was just kind of idling in there when suddenly somebody logged in (User has entered your channel), then said user has left your channel, so I pulled up my client and saw that a user had entered the server and created a room for themselves and moved into it. The server had only been up for approx a half an hour.
    I remoted to my ts3 server and shut it down for a few minutes and then started it back up whereupon immediatley that person reconnected, created the room and then moved into it and another person also connected and went into the room. I have no idea who they were or how they were able to create a room which I assumed was an admin only ability.

    Any ideas or what I can do to prevent this from happening?

    Thank you

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    Disable weblist. (Server settings)

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    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    Disable weblist. (Server settings)
    Thank you for the response. How do you do that? I start TS via commandline, is there a param I can put in to do that or do I need to edit some configuration file? I don't see any in the base directory.

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    Use Teamspeak Client...
    Connect to your server;
    right click on the server line, select "Edit Virtual Server";
    navigate to the "Misc" tab, and disable the "Enable reporting to server list".

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