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    Question Can you make your guest srvr grp permanant?

    I wanted to make the guest server group permanent so that the server group Permissions page would save all names, ID's and Unique IDs on the permissions page. As the group being temp, it does not save people that are not yet assigned a group. Or is there a way to make the server assign brand new people that come into the server to another perm group like guest 2 or something?

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    Do it the other way round: do create a group, call it something like "Registered" and assign that group to all your regular users. The moment you assign them to this (or any other) group, they get automatically unassigned from the default "Guest" group. The real guests, one-time users, brand new users still get assigned dynamically to the guest group, from where you can pick them up if they are online and assign them to some higher levels of access. No need to clutter your groups with guests that never come back after one visit.

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    Permissions > Show all clients

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    Do as Schlumpi said.
    The default group is temporary, even if you set another group to be the default one.
    There is no need to "save" the users, since any user who isnt member in any servergroup automatically belongs to the default group.

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