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    Unhappy Help, my mic randomly mutes how do i stop it from randomly muting?

    It keeps doing it out of nowhere help?

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    Sarah Land
    it could be in your settings or you have a bad mic connection.
    under Capture > adv settings it could be voice activation while push to talk. [you can hold push to talk but if your not speaking it wont light up aka Dead mic. ]
    Your volume settings could be really high so it wont puick it up, you can test this by hitting begin test then talk and adjust it, also turn up your delay releasing push to talk.

    If that dosnt work then your mic settings are to low on your computer down at the bottom right you should see your sound speaker right click it > recroding devices, then open your mic and turn up the pick up.

    If that dosnt solve your problem then it could be a bad mic.

    Hope i helped


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    Same Issue

    I'm also having the same issue. Not sure when it started, maybe 2-3wks ago. Before that everything worked fine. I'm using a Logitech G633, with the latest drivers as of today. I've fully reinstalled TS3, and my headset/drivers. Still happens for no reason I can see....

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    Is there a hotkey mute?

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