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    Unhappy I cannot connect to a friends server.

    this is the error message <15:51:23> Trying to resolve hostname
    <15:51:31> Failed to resolve hostname ''
    i guess what i dont quite understand is that is was joining this server normally and i just disconnected for a brief moment when i tried to connect again minutes later it wouldnt allow me...

    Things i ave allready tried--redownload TS, reset modem, restart computer, and FYI i can join other servers. heck, i even tried shutting down firewalls and antivirus. please someone help me. i just wanna play with my bros again!

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    Your client log would help us a lot to support you. (Extras -> Client Log)

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    I would have told you to try to connect using IP
    The problem with that is however that for me the server seems down.

    Are you sure that it is on default port? I would bet you are missing port number.
    Verify the server address with your friends that are using same server.

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