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    Teamspeak won't let me assign keyboard hotkeys, only mouse buttons, recognises ESC

    So yeah, this has been my problem for a quite a few months, but it wasn't really that much of a hassle since I just switched over to voice activation. I was hoping that meanwhile an update would fix it, but nothing seems to work.

    So here's how it goes down: I launch up TeamSpeak, I can assign a hotkey to push-to-talk and use it in the voice test, all fine and dandy. But the moment that I connect to a server, my push-to-talk stops working, I begin voice test and start pressing the button like a maniac and nothing happens. I try to assign a different letter to use push-to-talk, but it doesn't seem to recognise that I press any button at all, except if it is the mouse buttons (as you can imagine, that's a no-go), or surprisingly, the ESC key. It doesn't seem to give a damn about anything but the ESC key, so it must recognise that there is a keyboard in function.

    Everything works fine, until I join a server on TeamSpeak. Then all of the push-to-talk functions go fubar on me. It is quite annoying as I'm trying to re-join a neglected gaming community of mine, but a push-to-talk would be necesarry for that.

    Hope some of you guys can help me, and thank you for that beforehand.

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    Can only assign mouse buttons for push to talk

    Title says it all..everything used to work until yesterday. No updates, G27 buttons and keyboard work normally for everything else. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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