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Thread: Teamspeak Lags

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    Question Teamspeak Lags


    I have a realy annoying problem: When i join a teamspeak-channel with more than 4 members in, every 10 to 30 seconds the whole teamspeak client is hanging. (Especially when all members talk at the same time) My computer is not the problem - i bought him just a few months ago and the problem with the teamspeak-laggs was also on my old pc. So the question is - is my internetconnection the problem? Normaly i have a good ping and my download and upload rate are also not bad at all.
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    But its only with 4 or more members in one channel. With less members i have no problems. >.>

    Or is my router the problem? Should i unblock some ports?

    Guys i have no idea what to do

    P.S. i tryed other Voip-Programms (Razer Comms) - there was also the Problem. Its not only in TS3

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    Nobody any idea?

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    What version of Windows?
    What version of Teamspeak?

    While you may have a good connection near by, VOIP servers may be located elsewhere and the connection quality could drop considerably. You can find the ping to the server at the bottom right of Teamspeak, you can find additional information if you rightclick yourself and go to Client Connection Info (this may be hidden based on server settings). If you know where the server is physically located, do a speedtest to that location to see how your connection is to its area.

    Other possible issues could be codex compatibility in the channel you are in. The default now I believe is Voice Desktop - Opus Voice 6. Anything higher requires more bandwidth, but provides higher quality, lower, lower bandwidth, but lower quality. Also while this isn't the answer to everything it seems to solve issues you'd not think of. Have you tested running Teamspeak as administrator? (Rightclick > Run as administrator).

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