I have a realy annoying problem: When i join a teamspeak-channel with more than 4 members in, every 10 to 30 seconds the whole teamspeak client is hanging. (Especially when all members talk at the same time) My computer is not the problem - i bought him just a few months ago and the problem with the teamspeak-laggs was also on my old pc. So the question is - is my internetconnection the problem? Normaly i have a good ping and my download and upload rate are also not bad at all.
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But its only with 4 or more members in one channel. With less members i have no problems. >.>

Or is my router the problem? Should i unblock some ports?

Guys i have no idea what to do

P.S. i tryed other Voip-Programms (Razer Comms) - there was also the Problem. Its not only in TS3