Hi everybody,

I know the problem problem I'm gonna expose may sound weird, and I don't know if anybody encountered it before, but first I have to make some precisions about my situation, and only then explain my problem.

So I'm currently living in China for studies and therefore using a VPN to connect battle.net and play diablo 3 (VPN without which I simply cannot play since the battle.net launcher won't manage to connect if I don't use it).

The problem is that today, I joined a gaming community and installed teamspeak, but then noticed that when I launch the battle.net launcher, it simply prevents teamspeak to continue working. After the battle.net launcher is up and running, my teamspeak simply doesn't find any connection anymore, as if I had no internet.

I know it comes from the battle.net app because if I launch my VPN, then launch teamspeak, it works great. But then if I launch the battle.net app, teamspeak disconnects itself from the server I was on and is not able to reconnect. Then, even if I close the battle.net app, teamspeak still won't work. I have to disconnect and reconnect my vpn for teamspeak to work again.

So I'm guessing there is a port problem here, that both programs are using and on which the battle.net app has priority (or something like that, I'm don't really know what I talk about here), but I don't know how to fix that so that I can play diablo 3 and have teamspeak running at the same time.

I hope I exposed my problem clearly.

If anybody has answers to give me, I would be really thankful !

Thanks a lot !