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    Debian package (and possibly other distro's as well?)

    So, I know this has been requested before - and ridiculed - but as a casual user who runs a teamspeak 3 server I'd like to request that you create (and maintain) a debian package. Here's why:
    1) Not all the files need to be updated between versions. In fact, most don't. I end up changing a symlink and copying all my .ini, .txt. .dat, and .sh files from the old folder to the new version (and hope it works when I start it up)
    2) They happen so infrequently that I as a user don't really check for updates, it just pesters my users now (which they hate) and I forget about all the pitfalls I ran into the last time I upgraded. Down time can vary but is more than a few seconds - so I have to be conscientious about when I perform an update, further reducing my frequency of upgrades.
    3) You don't need it to be hosted on any official debian repro. You can have us add your own debian package server to our repo list, with the proper signed files, and we can update from you that way.
    4) You can still have it ask us to agree to your license agreements.

    I know technically I could do this myself. It's possible to have you agree to a license agreement each install, but as a casual user who runs a single nonprofit server for friends I'm just not that motivated to learn how, and then be responsible for maintaining such a package in the future. Furthermore my means of hosting an updates server is much more limited so they would likely end up on the official repositories at much greater cost to my time. It's really not practical for me to do this.

    So please, consider this request. Thanks


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    I know this is not an open source software, but "Do it yourself."

    read more:

    I might be looking in these and help out, but I can not put any estimates.

    As far as my current way I do upgrades I have small note with sequence of commands that does this with downtime of <1minute. I use symlinks as well. So yea, my first draft which I haven't changed since is using putting configuration stuff in /etc, logs in /var/log and filetransfer files elsewhere.

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    It seems that even if I went through the time and effort to make a .deb for it I wouldn't be allowed to distribute it. So I ask you:
    Why bother?

    The effort of making a .deb for each update each time is basically the same thing as a well maintained set of instructions for installation and upgrading. That's why I think Teamspeak should do it for us. I do like your idea of sorting out the files into the proper directory structure, so I might invest some time/energy into making it more of a install than "put in user's home folder"

    I kind of think that if I were to put some serious effort into this, it would be to make a wiki to document how to do this stuff rather than reading through random forum pages and piecemeal together what I need.. I think that would be much more productive than me trying to roll my own packages so that I can use them. Once.


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