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    Question Can't join a server located nearby

    So I'm having a really strange problem.
    I'm hosting a Teamspeak 3 server (Licensed server provider) in my apartment. It's 100/100 Mbit/s and there is no problem what so ever that I host it myself.

    The problem:
    I can (obviously) join my own server at either my IP, domain-name that's directed to my IP or just "Localhost".
    Anyone on the world can join my TS server, anyone but my local on my street. A hall that anyone can rent. It's about 2 houses away from me and me and my community are having a a meetup here with our computers. The only problem is that we can't join the Teamspeak server.

    So how I see it, there is some problem with joining the TS3 server since the places (my apartment and the hall) are so close together. But they have completely different IP addressees. I'm using the same computer that I have at my apartment and all the other guys here can join any other TS servers. I've also checked so the IP isn't banned or anything.

    So have you guys any idea what it could be?
    All answers are appreciated!
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