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Thread: TS3 Poke To Top

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    You can set defaults in the contacts list as shown in the image. Just go to Tools >> Contacts >> Set defaults button

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    Currently we can not explain why the client does maximize or comes into the forground.
    Bu we would like to solve this behavior for everyone and maybe technical background would be helpfull for us.

    It would be great if anyone could answer a much as possible and maybe we can finally reproduce this.
    • What operation system do you use?
    • What graphics card do you use and is your driver up-to date?
    • What desktop resolution do you use and what is your ingame resolution if a game is running?
    • Is the client minimized, when it happens? Or is it in forground (when other application uses fullscreen mode)?
    • Is "Minimize to tray" enabled in your client settings under "Settings -> Options -> Design"
    • How do play your games (Fullscreen, Window Mode, Borderless fullscreen windowed)?
    • Which games are you playing, when it happens to you?
    • Do you use some kind of overlay?
    • Are you using a tool to manage multiple desktop (DisplayFusion as an example)

    I did send some private messages guiding to this post.
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