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    Lightbulb "Channel edited" notifications not for every user

    I have a little suggestion to make.

    My (luxury) problem is, that everytime I edit a channel, all users get these notifications like "channel X was edited by Y".
    When editing multiple channels, I always have to warrant it because of the notification spam. It is indeed pretty annoying. Some users even leave the server when I edit something.

    I know I could tell people to turn this kind of notifications off, but you may understand that I'm not able to explain a dozen of people how to make these settings.

    So it would be great if there was a permission setting for being able to receive these - let's call them "administrative notifications". Or is there any other, already existing way to avoid them by default?

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    I got the same problem

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    same here the channel rename / edit ... notifications ... anoying all people ...

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    EndCrawler Guest
    Vote for this.

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    Vote for this

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    Wow, rejected without any reason. I would vote for this. It is not really an issue for me personally, but I can see the benefit of being able to have a quiet option to prevent that. I bet this was rejected because it takes the power away from the user who may have explicitly configured their client to always play notification sounds for such events. Preventing them at the server level would probably cause more issues and complaints such as "I have notifications enabled for channel edits but I never hear them".

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