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    Exclamation NPL - transfer of IP

    Hey Teamspeak support staff,

    I have a NPL which I use for my communities teamspeak server, however we are moving our dedicated server and are forced to have a new IP.

    Can I keep the NPL that I currently have and just use it on the new server, or do I have to apply for a new NPL, or do I have to notify you of the change in IP?

    The lease on our current dedicated server ends in 9 days so I would really appreciate a fast response.

    Thanks very much


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    It depends on when you originally applied for your NPL, and if it was required to enter your IP address in the application form at the time. If you got your NPL in 2013, may be also 2012, I think you had to enter your IP, and the license is locked to your IP. If this is the case, you should contact Teamspeak license support and ask for a IP change. I remember forum posts that mention successful migration of their licenses.

    If you have an old style NPL without any lock on your IP address, you just move your server. I got my NPL right after the public releases of the first beta 3.0.0 versions in 2009 and by chance just moved my server to a vps with a new IP without any problem.

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    Quoting Chris @ an old thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    As with all license questions: contact the license department. You'll need to specify the license information, use the same email as you used when you registered your license and provide the new ip address.
    Hope it helps


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    Ok thanks for the info. yeah i did have to submit my IP, and i think we got the NPL around feb 2013. I've emailed their support email so hopefuly i get a quick reply


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