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Thread: Client Crash

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    Unhappy Client Crash

    Hi, my client crashes a lot lately and the crashes happen very closely between each other.
    After a crash if I try to connect to the server I was it I get an error message that says: Maximum number of connections with the same identity exceeded.
    I attached to this post the DMP file of one of the latest crashes... I hope I am posting in the right section.
    Thanks in advance for the help
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    Heya BombayAGoGo,

    When your computer crashes, your teamspeak3 client don't send the correct log-off information to the server, resulting as the server wrongly believing that you have a session logged (Ghost). In a few seconds/minutes it will refresh and will disconnect this said Ghost, allowing you to log in again to the server.

    However, if you can't waste precious seconds waiting for a server ghost sweep, you may ask the server admin to increase your number of connections per identity, by changing this permission:
    i_client_max_clones_uid to 2 or 3


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    Sorry, I didn't clarify that my client crashes, not my computer; anyway thanks for the reply, with this workaround my situation might actually get better

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