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    some patch in last 6 months broke gamepad support.

    I was not using TS for about half a year, so i cant really point which update did this.

    It looks like TS just does not register key release events from HID. Keypreses work just fine: when i start hotkey configuration dialog and press gamepad button it shows as joystick #8 or something. But of course since there is no release event it will wait forever. (yes, second attempt in configuring same button does nothing, i can press other button with same effect, but first one is apparently locked in ON position, UNTIL TS RESTART).

    Yes im sure gamepad is OK: in windows test program and games it works normally.

    Ts, win XP, gamepad is cheap chinese crap on USB, so no model/producer.

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    January 2014
    I am also having this problem with a DualShock4 (wired USB) on Windows XP. (Client: The problem is exactly as the previous poster described: first gamepad input does not release and TS will not recognize that button again close/restart.

    I tried several different versions and it appears that this was broken between 3.0.10 and 3.0.11. (I have another Win7x64 machine and it works just fine on that.)

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