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    Solved Option to choose custom bitrate

    Would like to see an option to choose a custom bitrate. in its simplest terms a box where user can a numeric value of the amount of bandwidth to be use is all that would be needed. Such as 24KB/s would be 24.00 so on and so forth.

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    codec quality

    Some of our users have the problem when they talk in the TS, the game very strong rises in their ping.
    Now, if we reduce the codec quality, the problem is not bestet.

    It would be if individual member the quality codec can set for yourself in the profile.

    Sorry for my englisch


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    There is a now-hidden feature for channels to save a lot of bandwidth by slightly increasing the latency in TS3 (so the latency rises slighty in TS3, but not in the game). This feature to set this from the client, but still works.
    You can still use YaTQA to set the latency, but that needs query access (because voice clients that support it won't connect to current servers). Latency settings only work for Speex and the maximum possible latency increases the lower the quality is. You might want to check that out.

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