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    Updating teamspeak server on freebsd

    everyone so i've being hosting my own teamspeak server for quite sometime now, i've being able to manage everything i've done but i have kind of a small problem. I'm not actually running on freebsd but more on freenas and i've being able to host correctly my server on it with out any problem except the hours i spent on it. My problem is that i install the teamspeak 3 server via freebsd ports and i've just realise that they're still on the old version of teamspeak and i would like to have my teamspeak up to date does any of you guys have any solution to update the teamspeak server without using the teamspeak 3 freebsd realease in the dowload page because it actualy took me some time and if possible i would like the update it the fastest way for example if i could in a way update the teamspeak port
    if this is not possible i'll have to do it the basic way making a service and all of that but i would like to be able not to.
    So thank you for you're passionate reading about my problems and if anyone could help me given that the fac and helps about teamspeak on freebsd is very very lite.

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    I am running on freebsd and the problem I am having updating from the ports is that it is marked as ignored:

    ** Port marked as IGNORE: audio/teamspeak3-server:
    License teamspeak needs confirmation, but BATCH is defined
    Have not been able to go around this..I am sure it is something simple.

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