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    Lightbulb Custom Badges ( Not Icons )

    {Moderator Disclaimer: This was posted after a brief search showed nothing of use/interest. I could not decide which sub-forum this should go in (addons,plugins,etc.) so I put it under general.}

    To make a long story short, I help run a small community of gamers and would like to see if anyone has a program/script/plugin/etc. that will allow me to grant the user's badges based on their accomplishments. I am not looking to add more server groups. I just want something that will show badges beneath the player's description when their name is clicked on in the TeamSpeak server. Does anyone have something or know someone that has something that will allow me to do this? (I would prefer a plugin.)


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    You can give them a personal "badge" under Client permissions:

    It will look like a server group, but will not require you to create an individual server group for each accomplishment.

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    That's perfect Kickball. But do you know of a way to add a description or is that impossible?

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