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    Question Noob question about building my own server computer


    I got a pretty large guild (in about three months we gained about 170 members), and we are in need of a TS3 server. I like to learn stuff and build stuff on my own, and got a very fast internet connection, so I thought that instead of spending money each month to rent a server, I'll build my own computer for that.
    I first installed the server software on my gaming computer, and that worked fine so far, with the port forwarding and people being able to connect and such, but I don't want to let that computer run 24/7, since, due to it's hardware, it would be quite expensive regarding the electricity bill, and I want to restart it every now and then anyway for various reasons without bumping all my guildmembers off the server each time.

    So, my question would be what is necessary for that. I guess that....
    Peripheral devices: not needed while it's running
    Graphics card: irrelevant, onboard one should work
    CPU: mostly irrelevant too
    Harddisk space: again mostly irrelevant
    OS: Linux

    So, can I just get some junk computer from among my circle of friends, format it, slap on Linux and the TS3 Server software, connect it to my router and be done with it? Then get one of those free licenses for non-commercial servers for more than 32 or what it was people? Or do I miss something?

    Thanks a lot for any advice.

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    First of all... what's a fast internet connection to you?! Based on a typical voice codec like opus you need to count about 8 kb/sec per user upstream data from your server to the internet. So if at any time all your 170 members would be online your fast internet connections needs to be able to sustain an upstream (not downstream) of about 11-12 MBit/sec ...

    Second to gain such a "free licenses for non-commercial servers for more than 32" you'll also need a static ip adress. Does your internet connection come with that, too? Most private internet lines only have dynamic ip allocation.

    Third RAM and CPU shouldn't be considered "mostly irrelevant" if you'll have many people talking and perhaps use voice encryption.

    Concluding... rent a VPS this would be much more suitable.

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