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    Logitech USB 390 Headset Disconnection

    Hello there, for a while I have been using the Logitech USB h390 and it worked just fine, it recently broke so I decided to buy another one, then I noticed this issue.

    I'm running Windows 7 and whenever I go to play any sort of game on my computer or press the Capslock/NumLock key my headset plays the disconnecting and reconnecting noise constantly, the only temporary fix I have found to stop the noise from continuing is close TS and restart it. I've looked for a while and found a thread similar to this one that is fairly old so I figured I would ask if anyone else has the same issue.

    I have tried re-installing TS and the drivers for my headset multiple times and no results emerged, I have also tried using different USB ports as well.

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    Check the Teamspeak HotKeys and Logitech G-Keys configuration of your gaming software.

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