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    Errors on my Server

    Hi guys,

    Recently some errors have been appearing in the server log for my clan's TS:

    The following two are the most recent errors:
    2014-01-08 6:02:06 PM PermGroupMgr Error unable to remove cldbid: 1117 from groupID: 180 for indexID: 0 table: group_server_to_client
    2014-01-08 6:02:06 PM VirtualServer Error client pruning: memory delete failed for cldbid: 1117, error: empty result set

    These errors are the last ones appearing after I connected to the TS.
    However, since there's mention of some sort of group, I will add no users have been added to any groups recently, nor have any new groups been created.

    Edit: I tested trying to remove User ID: 1117 from groupID 180, and got "empty result set"

    Edit: Found my answer 10 mins after I posted.
    A server restart fixed this!
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    Great! If you still have problems watch this Thread here.

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