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    Teamspeak closing when connecting

    Alright so I have a server that my TS3 joins perfectly fine.. no crashes no disconnects.. however there is another server that is a friends and when i put the domain name in it prompts at the bottom trying to connect then its just completely closes the program with no error messages and i have to restart it. any idea why this one server is not allowing me to connect?

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    Your client log would help us a lot to support you. (Extras -> Client Log)

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    I Dont Know If Its a Client Side Or Server Side But Are You Tryin To Connet To a Server With Something Like This; ? I Had It Happen To Me And a Few Freinds Who Try To Connet To nfoserver And Teamspeak Shutdowns. I Was Told By Nfo Support Team Its a Bug And I Had To Connect with the ip (555.55.5.5555:55555)

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    I fixed the problem.. it seems that it would crash when I put a domain name in but I figured out the IP for the server and that worked with no problems.. seems like a strange issue but whatever.. works now. but thanks for the info!

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