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    Problem with permission "Group member add power"

    We have a lot of communities in our teamspeak server.
    Is it possible to allow user with "Some Channel Group" assign Server Groups only for users in his channel and inherited channels?

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    If someone in a channel group has member add power, he should only have that permission in his channel-tree and it shouldn't work for users who are in other channels.
    But why making a channel group able to assign server groups (which are valid all over the server)?

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    To respond to first post:
    Yes you can do that. I have exactly this setup.

    To respond to second post:
    Some users or groups might want to have group icon/tag/whatever you want to call it, which they assign to people they feel should wear that tag. It is also a way to let some users assign non-guest server group to people they know, without the need of some admin/meta-admin to do it.

    If you have some further questions detailed to your scenario or want to try an example, send me a PM.
    or pay a visit at "Official TeamSpeak3 Community server" where we could talk/chat.

    Edit: I know there is icon per client, but that is limiting to only one icon, and not so user friendly approach.
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