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    !! Weird Crash Help !!

    so my friends got this new ts and it works fine for everyone else when they connect but when I connect it crashes but that's not the half of it. When it crashes it doesn't even give me a message at all. I click on connect, enter the address, click connect and than the client just closes, it doesn't do anything else it just closes completely, the weird part is that this doesn't happen with other servers that I go on. Please help!

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    (Windows 7) Weird Crash / Server Issues

    So lately I have been having an issue with a few servers that I have tried to get on recently. The problem I have been facing is when I join some servers it will just simply close the client, it wont even give me a crash message it just closes like its just trolling me. I tried everything from restarting, re-installing, re-type the address, etc. but it still happens. Can anyone help me out here this is just weird and I don't know what is going on.

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    Does The Ip Type Look Something Like This Or 555.55.555.55:55555

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    Disable any and all plugins in Settings -> Plugins (or simply rename the plugins folder in your installation directory), then try again see if it works
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