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    Solved Hide Server Banner

    Hey there,

    I would like to see an option that allows you to hide (including not downloading) the server banner, for

    • all servers in general and/or
    • certain servers (using bookmarks)


    • some servers have animated banners,
    • there are servers that have porn (or other offensive content) in their server banner,
    • some servers have large banners, and
    • some servers have banners of some megabytes, which take up a DSL-1000 connection for a minute or two.

    ...and some servers even have all of them.

    I have an extra third monitor for TS3 only. It is just a 19" one, so big banners take up some space, especially if you have a skin that displays some more client infos. Additionally, since I have my TS3 client visible all the time, I always see the banners, including their animations. If in games, animations take away my attention, but I need the TS3 client to know who's talking if I'm playing with people I don't know. This is also the reason why I am actually on those servers, as I personally would never visit or even rent a server with any banners.

    Actually, I also don't know why animations can be turned of for channel description and avatars, but not for server banners? Unlike the permanently visible servers banners, you can simply click on the server and no longer see these.

    This has also been asked for here and here. So I think it's time for an official suggestion for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    • all servers in general and/or
    • certain servers (using bookmarks)
    An option in bookmarks --> +1 vote

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    This was rejected already during the alpha stage.
    It is and stays a server setting only.
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