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    Disconnect then reconnect, old me still in plus new me, time out, cycle

    So pretty much what is happening, is that I can get into a server (this happens on all servers) and use it without problems for about a minute, then I disconnect for like 3 seconds, then reconnect, but it adds a new me. So there is my old 'Eragon Shadeslayer' but now there is a new 'Eragon Shadeslayer1'. Soon, the old me times out, then soon after I disconnect and reconnect again, starting the cycle over and over. Any help?
    Edit: While im in the server, I have full function and can talk, switch channels, etc.
    Edit: Teamspeak is the only program this happens on, my internet connection is great, never get disconnected from the game i'm playing, or the internet browser or anything
    Edit: I kinda need help really really urgently :I
    Edit: It turns out its only to that it does this, but nobody else on the server has the problem
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